Our policy has been established to serve as a guideline. We have formalized these guidelines so that everyone exhibiting will be governed the same. Our goal in all matters is consistency and fairness to all merchants @ Exit 76 Antique Mall.



We are dedicated to provide the best in quality antiques in the "700", "800" & "900" series area and first 15 rows. High quality crafts are in our dedicated area (rows 15 and 16 &endash; back half to row 21) called "Crafts etc." for our customers. To accomplish this goal we need your sharing of our pride and participation to achieve quality sales, customer service and commitment to consistency.

All rugs or carpets are to be hung or rolled up for safety not rolled out.

Eighty-five percent of the merchandise in the antique designated booth area must be thirty years or older. Our goal is one hundred percent antiques! "700" area is established by the signed agreement for merchants in that area. Fronts and overheads are mall property not your booth.

All merchandise is to be "booth/case ready" when in your location to sell.

If you handle primitives please be sure they are clean and free of wood boring insects. Items crafted from old wood or remanufactured are not suitable for the antique designated area. These items must be displayed in the designated booth or case area. There will be a need for display props to accent your antiques. For example, new upholstery on an old stool or new frame for a print or a new print in an old frame. If you reframe an old print leave the backing paper off and use minimal nails to hold so that the customer can easily complete an inspection. If an prop is not for sale please mark "NFS".

Our three Antique Managers may ask you to remove any item if it is in their opinion in poor taste or objectionable to our policy guidelines. The new "700" area is inspected weekly by an Antique Manager or representative of the "Merchant Committee."



All merchandise (your tag attached) leaving the mall will exit through the prep room door and be checked by a red vested mall employee. ALL BOXES will be checked for the security of all involved. If your merchandise is not checked please notify the General Manager. Also, there is a required sign in sheet kept daily by the prep room door to assist in the identification of Exit 76 merchant. Identification by a driver's license with picture may be requested by the Exit 76 vested employee to assure security.



This is a very important area of your business. Tags must be clear and easy to read at the point of sale.

  1. Always place your location number starting with a "B", "C" or "CO" in the upper left corner of your tag.
  2. Always place your price including cents (.00) after a period in the upper right.
  3. NEVER change the price without changing the entire tag. How do we know WHO changed the price at the point of sale? This is for your protection!
  4. NEVER attach a sale price tag on the existing tag. Again how do we know WHO?
  5. All tags must be printed, typed or computer generated for clear reading.
  6. If a tag is not clear then Exit 76 will put the sale under E76.
  7. Give a clear description to prevent "tag switching"!
  8. If a price was changed we will contact you to clarify which means the sale might be lost due to the customer not waiting for an answer. Then we BOTH have lost! A clear tag is essential for you to receive correct credit!
  9. Heavy and large items must be brought in by the merchant with their own assistance and Exit 76 will tag such merchandise with a tag to the purchaser to have assistance when loading or pick up takes place due to the weight or size of the merchandise.
  10.  Below are examples of correct tags:


Rents are due the 28th of the month if you pay for the next month or your previous month's sales can cover the next month, which is deducted by the computer run. The "late fee" for monthly rent payments will be $25.00 if received after the 15th of the month. We do reserve the right to deduct this fee from you next month payout if not paid with the late rent payment. In case of default your booth and or case will continue to do sales until payment or disclosure is finalized with sales covering any due monies. We do reserve the right after 60 days of non-payment to put your merchandise up for auction or pull merchandise of equal value for selling in an Exit 76 booth or case.

Terminating a space requires a 30 day notice with an ending date being the last day of the next month!



Merchants are required to keep their booth and case display areas clean, carpet in the booth vacuumed (we have one to use) and dusted. By reworking the items in your space your merchandise looks new and insures an attractive display after a busy weekend. We prefer for customer service to use our locks (free) on all cases at Exit 76. All electric extension cords must be a surge protector type per the state fire marshal. If the item is plugged directly into the wall then there is no problem. No plugs around corners or over the top are allowed per the state fire laws. All fire exits/extinguishers must be kept and visible.

Exit 76 requests that all matches, guns (no firing pins allowed), any ammo (no "black powder" types), and any type of "knife" be displayed in a locked case. Any container with liquor of any type cannot be sold nor any "payoff" in real money type slot machine. Any "endangered" list animal mounted or fur/skin displayed per the federal endangered list is not to be sold and the dealer is responsible for any fines due to this display or selling and endangered species from the federal list. Exit 76 Antique Mall IS NOT responsible for maintaining this type of merchandise. You the merchant will be held accountable.

Bottom line on the above is that you the merchant agrees to obey and confirm to all city, county, federal and state laws and ordinances. Exit 76 is in no way held accountable or liable for your display to sell any of the above.

When an item is put on layaway ($500 per piece & thirty day pay off with 25% down) or sold but being held the item can be taken out of your booth right away or wait till you are here with a replacement item (another reason for the "on-line sales" service).

Items on "hold" will be free to the customer for the first 14 days then a $5 a day charge takes place for items being held by Exit 76 and is payable to Exit 76 Antique Mall.



We have installed a new state of the art digital security system to assist in preventing loses in your area. Our mall is very large and all items are of high value to your very important booth, case or consignment merchandise. Plus the use of "Checkpoint" can deter the average thief. Theft is still a part of any business and we will do all that is possible to protect the assets of your location at Exit 76. Exit 76 cannot be held liable for any such thefts due to the theft being a part of any business expense.



"Regardless of whether or not, separate, several, joint or concurrent liability may be imposed upon Exit 76 exhibitor shall indemnify and hold harmless Exit 76 from and against all damages, claims and liability arising from or connected with exhibitor's control or use of the booth or any area utilized by exhibitor, including, without limitation, any damage or injury to person or property. If Exit 76 shall become a party to litigation commenced by or against exhibitor then exhibitor shall indemnify and hold Exit 76 harmless. The indemnification provided by this paragraph shall include all legal costs and attorney fees incurred by Exit 76 in connection with any such claim, action or proceeding. Exhibitor herby releases Exit 76 from all liability for any accident, damage or injury caused to a person or property on or about the booth or area utilized by exhibitor and notwithstanding whether such acts or mission may be active or passive."



Exit 76 recommends that you have insurance as needed for the contents of your merchandise on site. Exit 76 has no obligation for such coverage. Further Exit 76 encourages exhibitor to obtain sufficient liability insurance in the event of personal loss, injury, theft or claim that may result from the public access to the exhibitor's booth.



This free service for you is now available. What a great way to know what has been sold BEFORE you come to restock at Exit 76 Antique Mall especially with the recent gas price increases. Also, when on vacation or living in the sunny states during the winter what better way to know what is happening in sales for your Exit 76 booth or case. How does it work? Easy, just follow these steps:

  1. Email me at nic@exit76antiques.com to receive your pass code. No pass code will be given out over the phone or even verbally in mall due to the privacy of your pass code.
  2. Go to www.mall-central.com. There is a new entry that is explained in the box before 3.
  3. Go to the VENDOR log in.
  4. Store ID is Exit76 (some internet providers are sensitive to caps).
  5. Merchant number is your location letter and number (B999 or C999).
  6. Enter pass code given to you from me.
  7. Click on "Get Info" box.
  8. Got to "Fetch Sales" box.
  9. There are your sales starting with the most recent date back to the first. My promise to you is that by noon daily we will have downloaded all data from Exit 76 (in IN) to Mall-Central.

This service will take the place of calling you when something big sells; check your online sales before coming to Exit 76 to restock and work your booth and case.